Slot Overview: Wild Flowers

In 2020, Australian studio Big Time Gaming released a plethora of new game features, including Megaclusters, Megaquads, and Megapays. While it’s clear that the developers are always thinking of new methods to satisfy the gambling industry’s gluttonous clientele, the new game concepts haven’t been as successful as Megaways. This, say its detractors, proved that the BTG effect was beginning to wear out. Not everyone loved Megaways at first sight, so maybe we shouldn’t pass judgment until we’ve played a few more games.

This leads us to BTG’s Wild Flower, a slot machine that, like its predecessors, is instantly recognizable. Wild Flower, according to BTG, “follows in the footsteps of Danger!” Songs like “Little Devil,” “High Voltage,” and “The Final Countdown” This, however, isn’t just some meek filler that tries too hard to recall the glory days of yesteryear. Wild Flower, much like Frankenstein’s monster, is a chimera assembled from disparate elements.

Wild Flower’s 6-reel, 4,096-way-to-win layout is reminiscent of that of the older game Lil’ Devil, which was released around the same time. The colors in the backdrop seem to change at random, depicting a snowy woodland at night with a giant moon hanging in the clear sky. There’s a legend about an eternal frost curse that’s making winter last forever. The player must remove the curse in order to free the Wild Flowers from their frozen state and return them to full bloom. The story’s already exciting oddity is amplified by the sound effects. Similar to Lil’ Devil, Big Time Gaming collaborated with British rock band The Cult for this project. Wild Flower may appear to be an incoherent hodgepodge, yet when rolled together, the results may be amazing.

Wild Flower is a mobile-optimized slot game where players may place bets ranging from 20 pence to £/€20 on each spin. You can’t argue with the numbers in favor of Wild Flower, at least if you’re the type of gambler who enjoys a game with a math model that’s far more unpredictable than its brother slot, Danger High Voltage. With a theoretical return to player (RTP) between 96.52% and 96.59%, this game has the potential to rival even the greatest slot machines (more on that later).

When at least three of a kind appear left to right, the player wins. Payouts range from 9-A royals on the low end to symbols like pentagrams, paws, wolves, and enigmatic red-hooded witches on the high end. The story has elements of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, but with an adult twist.

Featured Wild Flower Slot Machine

Wild Flower offers a plethora of punishing extras, such as responses, two different free spins games, and gigantic versions of each. Two wild symbols on any of the middle four reels can help finish off winning combinations. Both take up a whole reel and can be used in place of any other symbol besides the scatter. All winnings that include a flower wild are multiplied by a factor of x8, whereas ice wilds do not have any multiplier. When more than one flower wild is utilized in a victory, all of the win values are multiplied together.

Free games of two varieties are triggered by landing three or more regular scatter symbols:

The free spins feature known as the Multiplier Ladder begins with a base of 12. As you progress through this feature, each reaction victory will increase your multiplier by 1. If you get 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters, you’ll get 8, 12, 16, or 20 extra spins, respectively. Reactivations are unlimited.

Sticky Wild Free Spins – You get 7 free spins to begin with. As the round begins, one kingly symbol will become the sticky wild for the remainder of the round. If this symbol appears on reels 2 through 5, it will become a wild and remain there for the remainder of the game. When a wild symbol appears on reel 5, an additional three free spins are awarded.

Players may now choose mega versions of the preceding two bonuses if free spins are triggered by a mega scatter symbol on reel 6:

Free spins with a massive multiplier ladder are what really get my heart racing in My Heart Beats Faster. In this iteration, each win with a wild triggers a progressive multiplier on the following wild that appears. When the maximum of x500, x600, x700, or x800 is reached for any of the 12 sets of wild multipliers, they remain at that level for the remainder of the free spins. Wilds do not contribute to an increase if they do not replace in a winning combination.

The Most Amazing Thing—a colossal round of free spins with sticky wilds. When a sticky wild lands on another sticky wild, it multiplies by two. If you land another one on top of it, it will become a sticky wild multiplied by three. When this option is maximized, the resulting wild bank has a whopping 12x12x12x12 explosion of winnings.

Opinion: Wild Flower Slots

Wild Flower is likely to inflame those who believe BTG’s creative output is dwindling (as was stated of Lil’ Devil before it became a major smash). Wild Flower, on the other hand, is a fantastic follow-up in the vein of earlier blockbusters like “Danger!” Songs like “High Voltage,” “The Final Countdown,” and “Lil’ Devil” come to mind. Though it may not be a brand-new take on the genre, Wild Flower takes the greatest elements of its predecessors and blows them out of the water.

It would have been disgraceful to support such staggeringly high multipliers with weak or middling potential given the amount of firepower jammed into its bonus rounds, particularly mega versions. In every way, Wild Flower sidesteps this problem. Winnings in the base game may reach 46,100x the wager, but free spins can award as much as 114,000x the wager on a single play. Hordes of glory seekers will be intrigued by such a figure after witnessing footage of Lil’ Devil obliterating all expectations of what people imagined it could do.

With this gorgeous slot, Big Time Gaming proves that it can take a break from trying to revolutionize the industry by inventing new ‘Mega’ prefaced features and instead focus on modernizing traditional older games. Massive numbers set to The Cult’s high-octane rock music add the much-needed vigor to a work like Chocolates. The final result seems like it will be a hit with everyone who like BTG’s traditional, high-risk, high-reward games.

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